The Temple Ministries

Protecting God's Temple Through Healthy Living

One-on-One Sessions:

Completely private, one on one training and consultations in your own home. I simply want to work with those that are committed and dedicated towards a lifestyle change. You will be fully equipped with the knowledge, motivation and the ability to feel inspired to be obedient to God's word.

Sessions Include:

  • Completely private, one on one sessions (training/consultation) in your own home or in a private studio
  • Comprehensive fitness assessments
  • Personally tailored fitness training incorporating cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility components

Group/Congregation Sessions:

Nothing beats group support! Group training is an affordable way for everyone to get involved and to have the most fun in doing so. Just by showing up, you get the infectious energy of those around you. Time literally flies by as you reach new levels of performance and accomplish goals.

Group Sessions Available:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Group Fitness Class
  • Group Personal Training
  • Boot Camp

All personal training/congregational relationships begin with a health history, and personal profile. My adherence to safe practices and unique coaching style produce intangible rewards leading to unequivocal results. I promise an environment that will be comfortable and motivating for all ages and at all levels of experience. God bless!

Get Started for availability!

  • Personal Training: 1 session ($40); 3 sessions ($114); 6 sessions ($210)
  • Group Personal Training: 2-4 participants (price per participant): 1 session ($25); 3 sessions ($69); 6 sessions ($120)
  • Congregational Fitness Class: $40

Prices are subject to change due to certain situations



Affiliated Ministries:

Willie J. Thompson Ministries; Pastor Willie J. Thompson Jr.

Sound the Wellness Trumpets Ministries; Inez Edwards, (Washington, DC)

Safe Haven Word and Worship Church; Pastor Timothy Canty

JAA Foundation; JoAnn A Iduma, Executive Director

Final Authority Christian Church; Pastors Jeffrey & Princetta James